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Verizon iPhone Release Date: Third Quarter of 2010 -YES!!!

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It is no secret that Verizon customers are waiting out to get their hands on the Apple iPhone, but after their recent advertisements that seemed to bash the iPhone, we all thought that it would never happen. However, there is a new report that suggests that a Verizon iPhone could still be released in 2010.
According to Wired, research firm OTR Global expects to see a Verizon Wireless iPhone in the third quarter of 2010. The firm also claims that Apple are now working on a “worldmode” iPhone, this will then make it compatible to work with the Verizon carrier. This is because Verizon is a CDMA network and the iPhone is only configured to AT&T’s GSM standard.

The original report that AppleInsider received stated that the Verizon iPhone will come with a smaller screen, 2.8-inches rather than the standard 3.5-inches. This is not the first time that rumors of a smaller iPhone have surfaced, but we have to wonder how much truth there is in them.
We know that Apple’s exclusive with AT&T is all set to end in 2010, but we recently assumed that this deal would be extended. Verizon have been working on Apple since the launch of the iPhone to be able to offer the smartphone to its customers.
In other news related to this, AT&T has recently filed a lawsuit and intends to sue Verizon over those recent ads. Do you think that AT&T has case?

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