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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah Formal, Man that was somethin' else!It was so adventurous aNd fun to say the least. So my day went like this:

I got my weave done, got dressed, and went on my way to pick up Elisa.I got there and baby you looked sooo beautiful.I was "like whoa!" HOT!!So after that we popped in the official 2005 Winter Formal Mix! lol And we drove to Tiffani's where we met up with Ashley and waited for the limo to pick us up.So it got there and we went to B'anka's and picked up the rest of the 20 of us and WOW I think we proabably had the best group there. The limo ride was fun and steamy and so we ate at Tequilla Jacks and rushed outta there to make it on time little did we know the limo was no longer working.HAHAHA! So being the cool people that we are jumped into Erik's car with Jon and piled int the trunk area! HAHAHA That was probably a highlight cuz ther were 6 of us sitting on each other.So we got to the dance stood i line, took pictures, socialized, and danced the night away.After we got dopped off I spent the night at My Boo's.

All in all a lotta fun and super funny. i had a god time.1 down 1 to go.Let Formal start up again Feb.11.YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
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