Collector’s Edition Of Blackout To Be Released Next Year

The Spanish Promusic website, which is the alliance between all the major record labels, has released a preliminary calendar of 2008 music releases, including a rerelease of Blackout, pencilled in for release on June 17th.

Here is my translation from Spanish:

“Special edition of Britney’s latest critically acclaimed album “Blackout”. Includes the original album plus 4 new tracks, remixes and a DVD about the production of the most risky project in Britney’s career make up this collectors boxset. June 17th 2008.”

Source: Britney Spy/Break The Ice
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Anonymous writes "According to, Christina Aguilera has finally decided on the date to release her 3rd album. The album is due out in the UK on April 3rd and on April 4th in the US. A single should be premiering very soon."
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The Last Entry

Wow! O, LIVEJOURNAL! This lj thingy has been fun, but after a little over a year, I have decided to retire this Livejournal and carry on(or will i?). It stinx but I hardly update this anyway, so its kinda wasting away...Here is my last entry...
I must say first that graduation was amazing and I felt so proud of myself and everyone there, it was definetly very memeroable and awesome.OCHSA is filled with so many talented people, and i feel so lucky to have graduated from there.Im not gonna blaber about each year of high school but rather just sum it up.High School was fun. BOTTOM LINE.every year was fun.thanks to everyone, thank you.

elisa.i have so many things that i want to write but im saving that for something else.what we have cant be touched because it is OUR thing.i love you.

so i'll make like my icon and HOLLA!!!!!!!

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PROM is coming up, I really feel like all of the dances have gone by like 1 right after another, It should be the best, cuz its our last dance. LETS MAKE THIS 1 THE BEST PEOPLE. Hmm. This is just my personal opinion but Id rather my money go to a hotel room than a limo, cuz I mean were capable of driving but its what happens after that is more fun. BTW, Andrea I hope you had an awesome time at WIF. sorry we cudnt chill but ur rest is betta than Amnityville, well save that for this week. well ill be back later, cuz imna eAT.
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its not the way i need it, its the way i want it

Live journal, one word breaks the code of silence, silence tells me all i need to know.

People I admire: Elisa, Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Oprah, Che Guevera,(sp), Poncho Villa, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Madonna, Bjork, Christina, The Federlines, Frida Kahlo, Fred Astaire, Bette Davis, Vincent Price, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, George Lopez...

what is there to say, really? im sick, no school today. I anticipate long hot summer nights with Elisa. Making more memories with friends, going to Kojis, staying at the beach all day long, eating raspberries, going for long drives with my window rolled down listening to my songs, drinking red wine watching the sun set...

all is full of love
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Im mister brightside

Im back like Trimspa!Happy Birthday Livejournal! I cant believe ive stuck with it for a whole year.Spring Break was nice.I FINALLY got a new computer after 7 years.4o more days until we graduate guys, less for some.TEAR.Our high scool careers are almost up.Whatelse is there to say.I guess thats all...


Ps.I hate the time change!I feel so behind in my sleep.FUCK!
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Whoa, its been such a long time. Schools almost done-sorta. I am extremely lucky. Boo, you got me ,I love you.Theres been lots going on, but i dont really have any desire to share it and if you know me then you know.When will I retire THIS livejournal? I kinda want to, but I know when summer rolls around everbody will update again.Hmmm...This entry is slightly random...

Ps. I am eagerly awaiting CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S NEXT ALBUM!!!
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