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Coffee Cake is really good!

Imagine it's a really hot muggy summer afternoon. Its been a long day and all you can do is wander around your house(you have all the windows open). But at the same time its feels exactly like summer and you know that you dont have to worry about anything school related and its just one of those long hot summer nights and your just in that summer mood. Thats how I've been feeling at really random times of the day.

Hmm. I havent updated in such long time. Last week was my gf's B-day and we had lots of fun(for more go to ladyluckelle's).And this past weekend we were everywhere.From the mall, to a Christmas tree farm.LOL.Yesterday Andrea, Elisa, and yours truely went Christmas tree shopping for our new apartment.Um no just kidding we dont have an apartment although we did find a tree and after we drove to Megans house and baked awesomely good cookies...FROM SCRATCH!!Then we watched "elf". I loved it. Will Ferrel is too funny. Then after we threw in another batch and watched "crybaby" with The DEpp.That's a good 1 too. What else? Hm we spent the night there and left in the morning. My tree is finally starting to go up.I went to the Avril concert a few weeks ago.SShh dont tell! and i found my new apreciation for Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from where else but The Cheesecake Factory.SO good! Andrea lets go get some more and lets have "tons of fun" LOL. Following that week was Jingle Ball and GWEN was there and I was off the walls when she performed. FYI: her CD is ridiculously good.Every song is the shit. "B-a-n-a-n-a-s!"-especially that 1.so jingle ball was fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!I want the weather to become freezing here for the entire month, so it can snow like BITCH. Lets hope so.
College is on my mind too, im coming to understand more of what I want and whats gonna be wise.Im a bit over 12th grade.sometimes im not at all cuz i know when i say that and the time comes ill be want to come back to where i am now.but its got its momnents when im like ugh!!!I am way over conservatory, oh man you have no idea!Let conservatory be over and i wont have any complaints its conservatory that im over not 12th grade.
Christmas is almost here! YAY! OMAN this is the last week until Christmas FUCKING break!! HA!HA!Summer Donna! A-nod-Remisce?
Well i have to go now.I need to NAD's myself.HAHA

PS.HOW good was the season finale of Laguna Beach.GOD I love it! I cant wait for season 2! That goes for The Ashlee Simpson Show 2!
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