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MY Prerogative!

Dear Live
*This week has been really good. Im really happy with how my plans worked out. Tomorrow is Homecoming and Im excited. Lets have fun. Our Senior homecoming.Awww. But yeah so I bought Blender with Hilary Duff on it and I like her soo much more than Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay's gross and does stupid shit. Anywho I just identified alot with what she had to say about a specific topic(s). ahem. She also has a very good song about those Haters...

Dont spit on me
Because you wish you were someone else
You look so clean but you spread your dirt
As if think that words dont hurt
You build up walls no one can climb
The things you do should be a crime
You're queen and king of superficiality
Keep your lies out of my reality
And when you're nice its a pose
You're one of those

Traitors to the human race
What a drag
What a waste
I'd like to see them disappear
They dont belong anywhere

Spinning a web thats hard to see
Of envy, greed and jealousy
Feeling angry but you don't know why
Why dont you look me in the eye?
You want my friends
You want my clothes
You're one of those

Different life form
Different species
Broken promises and treaties
Talkin' bout exterminating
Not the haters
Just the hating
You say your sweet and that your kind
But you've very sketchy, and undefined
When you're nice it's just a pose
I guess you're just one of those

Later for the alibis
Any shape
Any size
I'd like to see them disappear
They dont belong anywhere

Thats all I got to say for now. Peeps on my friends list this isn't to any of you.
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